Wedding in Semmering, Austria

Genie & Patrik, in the beautiful and peaceful Villa Antoinette

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The wedding of Genie and Patrik is definitely between our favorites ever!
Since the moment they contacted us we immediately understood that it was going to be unique. Their wedding took place between the beautiful landscape of the mountains in Semmering, the famous Austrian holiday location not far from Vienna and Graz.

The wedding was very casual, really with the closest family members and friends, and since some of them arrived from Sweden, Africa and Australia it was also the occasion for some of them to meet after long time.
They booked a whole villa, the beautiful Villa Antoinette, and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly through the whole day.
Also the ceremony was particularly interesting for us: since Genie’s family is originally from South Korea, also a tea ceremony took place, and also ducks carvings were given as gift: Mandarin ducks are chosen because it is believed that, unlike other types of ducks, they mate for life, and that if one of the pair dies, the other will mourn. For Koreans, Mandarin ducks represent peace, fidelity, and plentiful offspring. It was a very emotional ceremony, and the photos can clearly show that 🙂
After the ceremony, we had some portraits with the nice surroundings, and then slowly the dinner began, but not a usual wedding dinner: it was a very easy-going BBQ dinner, and everyone enjoyed the particular mood, and what’s better than a BBQ when you are sitting between such a beautiful mountain landscape? 🙂 also during the dinner there were some traditional programs, then everyone moved to the wellness room, where they could watch a slideshow showing photos of the bride and groom in their previous years, while someone had a sauna or a bath in the open air jacuzzi 🙂
We are sure you are also going to enjoy their photos!


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